A small introduction about my self


Senior Web Developer from Chennai, India

With the ability to draw and paint from early childhood, I grew up by drawing and painting all sorts of wonderful things.

My primary school teachers and parents first realised that I was naturally artistic when I took out 1st place in a poster design competition at a very young age. Then in high school I pursued the grade in biology where i started drew characters with perfections and at College I got into making projects. During after my post graduation, i started working as a freelance by creating static websites around the time of the dot-com boom where I first started messing with digital media and started to code HTML, CSS, Javascript.

At master I utilised and broaden my skills with various courses of web designing, development and so gradually gained experience working in most fields of Front-End Web Development and Digital Marketing.

With design and coding up my sleeve, I’m passionate about creating digital experience on front-end role. If you are intrigued download my curriculum or to look at my portfolio.